The workshop offers bows of various styles, from the end of the 16th century to the revolutionary period, based on iconography as well as on measurements of bows preserved in museums (Vienna, Paris, Brussels, Lille, etc.), whether they are anonymous or the work of great masters of bow making.

Bows are available for trial at the workshop, but can also be made available in Paris.
available in Paris. Do not hesitate to contact me by email or telephone for any

How to choose a bow?

A bow is an instrument in its own right, so its choice is eminently personal. It must allow the musician to express himself and to make his instrument “speak”.
Often, a change of bow leads to a change in instrumental colour: the weight is not the same, the arm is positioned a little differently, certain harmonics of the instrument come out more than others. The question of playing comfort is also crucial: the musician will quickly feel if a bow requires more effort than necessary, or if, on the contrary, he manages to play without having to worry too much about bow management.
The same bow rarely works for several instruments! At the workshop we will take the time to discuss your specific needs. What are your preferred repertoires? What is the format of the instrument you play? What sound aesthetic are you looking for?
All these clues will help us to find the right bow for you.